I am jaded at the thought of love. So much that I’m not even sure if it is something that I want anymore, at least not romantically. I have the real enduring love of my friends and family. Partners & lovers of the sort are just waiting to disappoint.

I’ve never had a young soul, but now my heart and mind have both slightly aged as well. There are hints of real wisdom starting to form. I can’t full-heartedly throw myself onto a situation like I did in my youth. I now belong to me first. I want to belong to me first; I lost myself before when I didn’t.

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Being born and raised in the south should have made me more inbred and less tolerant, but something went wrong in the grand scheme of these damned rebels. I am; brutally honest, a bad driver with a record to prove it, a connoisseur of stand-up comedy, the eldest child, an aware procrastinator, semi-sweet, the result of my mother losing her virginity, easily excitable, a lover of music, a pretty shit liar, late to any event no matter what, myself without apology.

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