Not Sky Daddy

“Amber, you are so independent. And you have always been so head strong. I’m so proud of you, with your cute little apartment at the beach, and a job that you love, and a degree in your passion. You know, God did that!! He did all of it. He loves you sooo…”

I cut her off. “No, Nanny. He did not. I did that.”

She gasped.

“Sky Daddy does not get credit for my thirteen years working with the same company, or my effort and dedication to my art and schoolwork. He doesn’t get thanks for my perseverance and conscious effort

Do I believe in something greater? Yes. Do I believe it’s all coincidence? Absolutely not. But one thing I definitely do not believe, is that there’s some all-knowing man in the sky orchestrating the world like a puppeteer“

She sighs.

“Nanny, I love you. And I’m sorry if this upsets you. You know that I’ve always struggled with your religion. The bible has many useful fables, but I could just never believe it all.”

“Well honey, I guess everybody believes differently.”

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Being born and raised in the south should have made me more inbred and less tolerant, but something went wrong in the grand scheme of these damned rebels. I am; brutally honest, a bad driver with a record to prove it, a connoisseur of stand-up comedy, the eldest child, an aware procrastinator, semi-sweet, the result of my mother losing her virginity, easily excitable, a lover of music, a pretty shit liar, late to any event no matter what, myself without apology.

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