It’s been a while. (a.k.a. “On being fired”)

I haven’t written in almost 2 months.

Much has occurred, but I am only going to hit on the important stuff, and not in chronological order.

  • I was in a wedding for a dear friend, Winston and his darling husband, Brian.


  • I took a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas.


  • And I was fired for the first time in my (almost) twenty-seven years.


The on-board ceremony for Brian and Winston took place while at port in Jacksonville. They picked the most luxurious venue on the cruise ship. There were giant pink pearls in the ceiling, fancy glass flute-like lights, and a shimmering golden curtain at the front stage area where the ceremony took place. The reception had the fanciest, most delicious food and an open bar. It was both a grand and intimate affair; exactly as a wedding should be.

The cruise was lovely until halfway through, for the two nights when we experienced 5 foot waves. My bed creaked with every sway. Dramamine became my dearest friend (once I finally discovered it on the 2nd day of the movement).

That cruise was about two weeks after my cousin/boss stopped me in the hallway at work and asked to speak with me “just a quick minute”. He followed me into his wife’s office and rapidly told me that he needed someone to work 45+ hours a week and my 22 hours (as agreed upon when I was hired a year ago) was just not enough. He also mentioned that he already had someone in mind to fill my position, and that he refused to ask me to put college on the back burner. So here was a thousand bucks, I could go ahead and clear my desk and take some time off. “Is it something I’ve done?” I managed to stutter, still processing what was happening. “No! And don’t take this as me firing you. We are family and I love you. You are so smart. I just need someone who can be here more. ” Still confused, I wiped my tears and scurried back to my desk.

I have been working since I was fifteen years old. I have never been let go or fired from anything. I have never had someone say, “Thanks, but we really don’t need you.” or “You just aren’t worth it or working out.” This has been a blow to my ego/self-esteem.

I am so thankful for my overly comforting boyfriend. He was angry at first, just because he knew my feelings were hurt. But he keeps reminding me that this is how it is supposed to be and probably a blessing in disguise. “Look, I am working over-time since it is summer and you are still taking classes and all… we don’t necessarily need your income, I mean, you really don’t even have to get a job if you don’t want to.”

Thanks boo, but I need to feel useful and like I am holding my own.  I will be ok. I will find something better suited for me. I will stay positive and start looking for my next adventure. Some-fucking-how…


Here’s to new beginnings!

(Community) College Freshman at 27

I’m actully 26, but have been telling everyone that I am 27 since last October. So just go with it, because I can’t remember not to.

How did I get here and why should you give a shit? Well, how I got here is kind of the point of this blog. So don’t step on my toes just yet. But stay tuned for the many awkward, semi-funny, mostly unimportant, sometimes sad, occasionally brilliant moments of my life, both past and present.

Let us get started with recent happenings and see where it goes…

I moved back to my hometown in Northeast Florida from the great city of Savannah, Georgia about seven months ago. If you haven’t been to the fairy tale that is Savannah, you need to. I am not sure if it’s the amazing cuisine🍝, up-and-coming art scene🎨, public drinking tolerance🍻, live music🎶, or world-class shopping💸 that entices both young, edgy hipsters and retired grandmothers in fanny packs and sun visors. But you need to check it out…

and I am losing my point…

LOOK A SQUIRREL!                                                                                            🐌 Or snail…. whateves.

Anywho- upon my return home, I decided that I no longer wanted to work in “Corporate America”. I no longer had a desire to work in the big city of Jacksonville wearing a pencil skirt and high heels power walking under florescent lights with my file of spreadsheets in tow. I no longer wanted to answer telephones from a headset all day long feeling confined to an office chair. Instead, I took a pay cut and accepted a part-time job three days a week performing payroll for a tire shop and billing for a civil construction company.

Keep in mind that I’ve not taken a single educational class in over 9 years up until this point. Maybe that is the why  I felt ashamed to be a decade older than my classmates once class actually started. I didn’t spend time in the military. I did not have kids at a young age. I did not deal with a longterm illness that I overcame. Nothing. I have no excuses as to why I’ve waited so long, other than I was living. I had a career and it took some time to realize I was not fulfilled (even though it was a wonderful job).

So I finally officially started college last Fall with two classes.

I will not be my own worst enemy and allow the intimidation of something new hold me back from pursuing my goals. I have pressed forward and am now actively working towards my A.A. with a full schedule this semester.

As one of my new classmates quoted last Monday, “Don’t let your dreams become just dreams.


– Am