In all of my naked glory

Can I bear my soul to you?

I don’t really care what you do with the information once you have it.

I just want to have my pain, my dreams and my short-comings revealed through someone else’s eyes and in the context of the internet forevermore. I want my thoughts to scroll through your mind, in your voice. I want your own pain and experiences to weave and intertwine with mine to give it new life and meaning and therefore more existence.

(Apparently, tonight’s glass of wine is opening my wounds instead of tickling that funny bone.)


So I have no clue what I am going to school for. If you have read my shit, then you are aware that I am a community college freshman… a late bloomer, if you will.

I had a great career in customer service for a large insurance broker for nearly six years.  The pay was great. I had tons of friends within the organization. I felt very appreciated by the owners and the company in general. And I busted ass for them. But when it came down to it… I was not living my dream.

(Not like I know what that is, really)

If there were such things as genies in bottles, my honest-to-God dream job would be to run an orphanage, animal shelter, and horse ranch while simultaneously moonlighting as Tony-winning actor and a regular on the cast of SNL. (Not to mention the great fucking body I would be rocking… Thanks Genie!)


The only thing that I honestly know is that I want to help the world (somehow). I mean, I want to be happy. But even more than that, I want to leave my mark on this earth… one that says that I have lived and lived well (thanks R.W.E.).

I want to impact lives. I just wish I had more direction…

Steve Harvey once said that most people don’t realize what their natural gift is because it is something that they love and have done their whole lives. They don’t even realize that they can get paid for it and make a career out of it.

(I don’t think eating puffy cheetos in a tee shirt and undies while watching Cartoon Network counts. -\_(ツ)_/-  Oh well.)

Until another day…


– Am


P.S. I will be back soon. And I will open up more. I am just the type of girl who gets in the pool toes first… I know that I seem like a jumper, but I’m really a wuss.





Why I Shouldn’t Drink🍷: Reason #2128397219

So when I checked my bank account earlier this morning, I was confused by a $31.97 charge by…

In the fashion of many drunken nights before, a haze of questions and re-tracking steps occurs.

Then something of a light 💡 bulb came to me…

When I was drinking 🍷 I ordered over $30 of sticky notes in the shape of 🐈 cats.

(palm to forehead)


Hello, my name is Amber & I’m trying to become an alcoholic (but not on purpose).

Let me start out by letting you know that I am going to get way inappropriate in the duration of this blog.

Like way, wayyyy too deep.

Like my sex life, personal problems, political opinions (not really), family issues, and even the stupid, selfish, whiny moments that should not be spoken of will be written down in the context of the internet forever. Because I am an overshare-er, that’s why.

Plus, I am on my second bottle of San Sebastian’s Vintners Red, so that helps. It’s a local wine that is honestly way too sweet to be called a Red wine but it has an 11% alcohol content and the fancy name makes me feel classier about consuming two bottles in their entirety during one sitting.

What a great place to start…


– Am