Temporary Relief

Can we hold each other and forget that it is not love? No expectations. No future.

I’ll use you & you use me and we will be happy in our short lived, make-believe bliss.

It’s only going to last a day, our fake fleeting feelings..

But doesn’t it feel good? The flesh. The warmth. The soft.

It’s difficult to connect anymore so we make the most of it.

Even if it’s only superficial & for tonight.


I hate the negative stigma associated with the word ignorant.

I am ignorant on many subjects.

We are all “lacking knowledge, information, or awareness” about certain things.

I think it is important to acknowledge and accept that we each have blind spots. We always have more to learn.


I thought that I owned my power.

But he smiled as he took it away.

He jested. I protested.

He pushed the door open, progressing forward.

I dug my nails in his chest and pushed back.

And he taunted and tickled me and tugged at my clothing.

Over and over, louder and louder, I told him to stop touching me and leave my house.

He smiled. I shouted.

I am 32. I am a grown ass, confident woman. I live alone. I pay my own bills. I manage an insurance brokerage. I have a degree.

How was it so easy?

How have I built this facade of safety?


Allow me to let kisses fall like rose petals onto where wounds once were.

Let my love glisten like sunlight in gemstones onto your scars, imperfection & humanity.

Lips tender like the wings of a butterfly brushing over your shame with grace.

For a rainy day…

Favorite Compliments of the week-

Is your hair just like that? OMG! Your natural curly hair is majestic.” -Lindsey on Saturday while sneaking vodka into our Jarritos at Dos Vatos Tacos

Has anyone ever told you that you have a really sexy phone voice?” -Lee David, random customer on the phone this morning after I helped him with his insurance question

You didn’t buy all this!? You made ALL of this art?! It looks so professional; I mean, I guess you are a professional, but, Wow! This is really impressive.” -Heath, drinking a white claw on my couch the first night I met him


Random dude on Snapchat: “Can I get one of your *pics*?😜”

Me: “… those come at a cost & I tend to want a piece of you soul in return… internet porn is so much cheaper 😉”